The nut behind the wheel

On my drive home yesterday the Matrix started making noises — soft rubbing noises, later becoming loud screeching noises intermingled with what sounded like metallic clanking… and occasional bursts of relative silence. I looked underneath but couldn’t see anything amiss. My best guess was that it was a brake problem. It sounded pretty horrible but I decided to get the car home and deal with it today.

My usual mechanic is on the other side of the city so rather than try to drive there, or get it towed there, I took it to the nearest repair shop, a Midas about a half mile away.

The mechanic there told me it sounded so awful, he didn’t want to give it a road test. They put the car on the lift, pulled off the wheels, and couldn’t find anything wrong. Then they noticed a nut had come loose and was lying on the floor. Not that kind of nut. This kind of nut:2015-09-29 14.24.47
That was the culprit. It’d been jammed up inside one of the wheels; you can see where it was rubbing.

The guy said in 33 years in the business he’d never seen anything like it. They didn’t charge for the repair and I didn’t charge for the entertainment.

Meanwhile September is continuing to heal.2015-09-29 14.26.51


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