Two brew

A friend mentioned Eastwood Brewing to me last week. I’d never been there. But it turns out my lawyer’s office is basically across the street, and I was there on Friday, so I stopped in and ordered a pint of their brown ale. Liked it, got a 64 oz. growler of it (which turned empty on Saturday when the BMM and Bouwerie Boys danced at the Saugerties Garlic Festival). They seemed pretty friendly there although I was less than comfortable with the pro-gun propaganda on the walls.

Yesterday was the official opening of Local 315 Brewing, a farm brewery on Warners Road. Being, as I said, in Saugerties that day I didn’t go, but today I did — got there in 15 minutes on my bike.

They have goats.2015-09-27 14.35.50 And a donkey.

It’s a small operation but bigger than I was expecting. A 10 barrel system, I think they said, and they had 13 beers on tap. A disconcertingly large number of them seemed to be beers for people who don’t like beer — ones with strawberry, blueberry, and strawberry rhubarb ingredients, and, seriously? a peppermint stout. Also a ginger cream ale, which will also annoy the “beer that tastes like beer” purists, but I’m less bothered by it — I’ve brewed a beer with ginger myself in my time.2015-09-27 14.03.32

I ordered a flight of four beers. The Lucky 13 Red was my least favorite of the lot — not bad, but kind of bland. Could use a stronger malt base. The aforementioned Ginger Cream Ale is something I’d probably like a pint of now and then, but maybe not a growler of it.2015-09-27 13.58.46

The Townie Session IPA was very nice, though. The one that surprised me most was the Breakfast Stout — I’m not generally a big stout drinker, but something about this one really appealed to me. Unfortunately they had only a small batch of it, apparently something they’re just trying out, so they weren’t selling growlers of it. So I put a growler of the Townie on my bike rack and headed home. Told them I’d be back when they’re filling growlers with the Breakfast Stout.2015-09-27 14.59.56

(Still awaiting Griffin Hill with bated breath, of course.)


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