Could be raining

So let’s see what we have here. On 1 September I found out what’s wrong with the Matrix would cost more to fix than the car’s worth. Later that week a bug bite turned into a huge blister that by early last week was showing signs of infection. In between I lost my wallet. Thursday last week I spent more than 13 hours getting to Newport News (by air), and on Sunday, well, divorce time arrived.

September, I am not impressed.

OK, bright sides. The Matrix is driveable. I don’t know if it’ll pass inspection but that’s not until April. Blister and infection are gone. No funny charges on the lost credit cards. Flight home from NN was fine. Divorce… okay, no real bright sides there, other than we’re trying to keep it civil and we’re getting it over with now and not waiting until Kenny’s in college or something, which is probably for the best.

I still have my job (knock wood), my health (knock knock), a working furnace (checked today), a great son, a fine morris team (Saugerties Garlic Festival and Binghamton Harvest Home Tour coming up pretty soon), a rocket club (met on Monday, launching this Saturday), a ukulele group (resumed meeting tonight after summer performances), friends, extended family, a pretty decent blog, a copy of Christopher Moore’s latest book which I really have to start reading yesterday… I have it a lot better than a lot of people do, which makes me more sad for them but less sad for me. Also the weather’s been pretty nice.

Of course, September’s only half over.



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