Long time no see

Discussion on Saturday confirmed that, while members of the Binghamton Morris Men danced in Syracuse on the 2000 and 2014 tours of the American Travelling Morrice, the last time the BMM appeared as a team in Syracuse was in 1991 at the 10th anniversary ale of Thornden Morris. Twenty-four years away!

That was before Clark’s Ale House opened the first time. We really should do this more often.

My hazy recollection is that on the Saturday of that 1991 tour, after a stand somewhere downtown, the Binghamton Men wanted to run through Lichfield Vandals — I think they were going to dance it at the next stand but wanted to give it a dry run first. Some of the team had gone off somewhere, though. Probably a pub. So I got drafted to fill a space in the set… despite not knowing any Lichfield. I think maybe Tom Keays was pulled in too. Anyway, that was the first time I danced with the BMM. Second time was about 11 years later.

And unless I’m very confused, it was the next day of that same weekend that the Pokingbrook men were depleted in numbers, so Bill Newman approached me and asked, “Do you know Ducklington?”

“No,” I told him.

“Okay,” he said, “you can dance third corners.”



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