A leisurely few days of aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhaaaaaaeeeiiiiiiieeee

Last summer somehow most of the things I wanted or needed to do didn’t conflict much. This year is being more difficult.

So the SoLID collaboration meeting ended up being Thursday and Friday, not Friday and Saturday, so that was good, but I still had to get back before the rest of the weekend’s activities. That plus cheaper tickets meant flying into and out of Norfolk, VA and driving from there to Newport News — during rush hour, both ways. I lived. I did speak at the meeting, briefly, about my simulation work on the PVDIS baffles.

Making my flight back required me to leave Jefferson Lab before things wrapped up Friday, but I didn’t miss much of significance to me. Waze told me to get off I-64 for several miles and back on just before the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, which kept me out of the worst of the Interstate parking lot. The flights home, like those to Virginia, were amazingly non horrible and I got back around midnight.

The plan from there was: First Syracuse Rocket Club launch of 2015 Saturday morning, morris tour Saturday afternoon, 20 mile bike ride Sunday morning, and Heather’s commencement ceremony Sunday afternoon.

The forecast for Saturday didn’t look too great, too much mention of rain, but in fact, at least where I was, we got no more than a light five minute shower in the early afternoon. I got to the field around 9:00, helped set up, and got two, count ’em, two rockets in the air before it was time to boogie on out and head for downtown. At that I missed the first dance stand, but I met up with the Binghamton Men, Thornden, and the B. F. Harridans for beer and lunch at J. Ryan’s, followed by dancing at Hanover Square, beer and dancing at Mully’s, dancing at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, dancing at Perserverence Square, beer and dinner at Clark’s Ale House, and dessert at the Hosmers’ house.

It was pretty great.

Excellent weather today, and I went off to the first Cycle in the City bike ride of 2015. North to Onondaga Lake, south to Webster’s Pond, and east and west in between to various other bodies of water. 20 miles total. Then home, change, lunch, and off to the Civic Center for SUNY Upstate Medical University’s commencement exercises where Heather got her hood denoting an MPH degree. Kenny and I had dinner at Panda West before heading home.



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