Abolish water

I got back from Costco this morning and went to put a case of bottled water in the basement, and I discovered that was kind of like coals to Newcastle.

I like our basement, mainly because it stays dry. Not the air, there’s a dehumidifier running almost nonstop in the summer months, but the floor: we’ve never had water on the floor from rain or snow melt. I think this is the first place I’ve lived since the 1980s for which I can say that (given that our apartment in Newport News didn’t have a basement).

It doesn’t stay dry, though, if the plumbing is leaking.

There was water there this morning, and it didn’t take long to discover it was coming from a 15″ flexible line on our water heater. I’d been to Home Depot once already today, in the plumbing section in fact (buying CPVC elbows, why do you ask?); fortunately it’s only a mile away — I even considered walking there, but decided getting there and back sooner would be a good idea.

So I bought a replacement line, and a roll of Teflon tape, because every time I go to do any plumbing I can’t find the Teflon tape I bought the last time. There are, I am confident, 182 rolls of the stuff somewhere around here. With Kenny’s assistance I got the old line off and the new one on, not leaking, in about fifteen minutes. Go me.

Then I mopped up what water I could on the floor, but… part of the basement is carpeted. And when I say carpeted, I mean I presume a previous owner replaced the carpeting upstairs, and threw it down on the basement floor. It’s old and it’s dirty but leaving it there was  a lot easier than not. And like I said, the basement doesn’t get wet.


There followed a certain amount of furniture moving, and carpet lifting, and hoping the water thereby liberated would flow away from and not towards the remaining, still on the floor, still under furniture part of the carpet, and finding out no, it was flowing the other way.

So now… well, the good news is, next time this happens, there will be less carpeting to get wet.



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