Comics. Of some kind.

Hmm, some comics developments. Web and otherwise. It’s been less than six months but it seems time for an update (also need to kick this blog to keep it breathing). Changes in comics I was following last August:

  • Atomic Robo, by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. Big news: flying in the face of the web-to-print comics trend, this one’s going from print to web. All nine print volumes are being posted now, and once they’re up, they’ll start with the new stories, online and free!
  • Cleopatra in Spaaaace! by Mike Maihack. Book 2 is available for preorder.
  • The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo, by Drew Weing. No updates since November, despite promises.
  • The Dreadful, by Matt Speroni. I’ve finally given up on this one. Speroni keeps throwing in more and more new characters (and shuffling old ones offstage), new monsters, new hints to an underlying plot that’s never really materialized, and the result just seems to meander without building anything. It’s a shame. Had he taken the interesting concept he started with, and the handful of good characters introduced in the first couple of chapters, and proceeded to tell a story with just those characters whose arc could be contained in half a dozen chapters or so, focused on the titular gun, it could’ve been a fine start to an ongoing comic. And then the other ideas he’s brought in could have seeded another half dozen more stories… if he’d stuck with them and developed them before jumping on to something else. I kept reading for far too long, I guess, hoping against hope the initial high promise would eventually be paid off, but no.
  • Dresden Codak, by Aaron Diaz. Still good. Updating much more frequently these days, partly I guess because of Patreon funding. Which is a good thing; I just found out we’re only about 1/3 of the way through the “Dark Science” story and at the rate he was going, it would’ve taken until about 2030 to finish.
  • Drive, by Dave Kellett. Also updating more regularly the past few weeks, also apparently due to Patreon. Let’s see if he sustains it…
  • Girls with Slingshots, by Danielle Corsetto. Sadly going to end in the near future.
  • The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, by Justin Pierce. On hiatus. Supposedly will be back someday.
  • Woo Hoo! by Molly “Jakface” Němeček and J.R. Boos. Another one that hasn’t updated since last year, with no word on when it’ll return.

Comics I was following last August and am still following now and not much more to say than that:

New on my plate:

  • Alice Grove, by Jeph Jacques. As if he wasn’t working hard enough putting out Questionable Content five days a week, now Jacques has a second, twice a week comic. Someone described it as Pratchett witch in a science fiction setting, and that seems apt so far. I look forward to seeing what happens.
  • Anna Galactic, by Christopher Baldwin. This one’s just getting started, and I mean just: Page 2 went up tonight. I enjoyed his Spacetrawler but his next project, One Way, didn’t engage my interest. So far I like the tone of this one better, but obviously it’s too soon to be sure I’ll want to read it; I’m giving it a try though.
  • Back, by Anthony Clark and KC Green. A rather weird story about a zombie cowgirl. Just started up recently. Following with interest.
  • It’s Walky!, by David M. Willis. One of Willis’s previous comics, now being re-posted one strip per day. Science fiction mayhem. His skills have gotten better since he did this, but I’m enjoying it enough, thanks.
  • Iverly, by Jeffrey J. Rowland. All about the animals, and the lizard men, who live inside the hollow Earth. Got off to a good start, then abruptly ceased updates a few weeks ago and the site says: “IVERLY WILL BE BACK! JEFFREY JUST HAS TO FIGURE OUT WHERE IT’S GOING FIRST”. Hmm.
  • Ms Marvel, written by G. Willow Wilson. I don’t follow superhero comics. I follow Ms Marvel. I subscribe to Ms Marvel. Pretty bold of Marvel to give us an Islamic-American teenager as a superhero, and Wilson does a superb job writing her.
  • Sufficiently Remarkable, by Maki Naro. Updates twice a week, so hasn’t built up too massive an archive since its start in late 2013. A comic comic about a young artist in New York City. Certainly quite different from Girls With Slingshots (via whose author I learned about it) but might do as a replacement nonethess.
  • Yontengu, by Christopher Baldwin and Don Ahé. Another new Baldwin project, though not as new as Anna Galactic. Science fiction tale of two species at war, except in a place where they’re not. Not sure yet whether I’ll go the distance with it.

Not really in any of the above categories:

  • The Meek, by Der-shing Helmer. I was following this one back in 2012 until it went on indefinite hiatus. I figured it was dead until recently word came along it is supposed to resume this summer. Meanwhile Helmer’s doing what apparently is a short duration science fiction comic called Mare Internum. Once burned, twice shy: I’ll wait until that one’s over before I get into reading it, and then I’ll see about following The Meek again. I hope to, I did enjoy it. Though it’s been so long, my memory of it’s kind of hazy, so I probably shouldn’t try to summarize it.

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