Lakeshore Drive

A month and a half after it opened, I’ve finally gone for a ride on the new section of the bike road that someday will go entirely around Onondaga Lake. I started at the parking lot at the State Fair and rode to the far end of the older section, at the Salt Museum on the east shore, then back — nonstop on the way out, stopping for photos on the way back. About 14 miles of mostly easy riding, aside from the fact that the wind was a bit stiff at times. The one relatively hard part is the bridge over the lake outlet.2014-07-06 14.34.54 The new section is pretty nice. Try not to let the sign worry you.2014-07-06 14.51.36 copyAs you might guess, some of the views are less than scenic.2014-07-06 14.52.402014-07-06 15.01.53 2014-07-06 14.58.19(It’s not just the land that’s being worked on.2014-07-06 14.48.16Honeywell bought Allied Chemical back in the 1980s and in addition to Allied’s assets also acquired, as it turned out, the responsibility for cleaning up Allied’s mess. After decades of talk and studies, recently there’s been action: for instance, they’re dredging mercury-laden sediments out of the lake for safe (they claim) burial in a waste bed on land. Besides that we’re not dumping raw sewage into the lake these days. It used to be one of the most polluted bodies of water in the country; now it’s getting better.)

But there are nice views to be had too. Here’s the city of Syracuse.2014-07-06 14.57.57And a view across the lake toward Liverpool.2014-07-06 14.56.34The old section, by contrast, mostly has woods on both sides, which is  pretty in another way, but it’s nice to have the longer vistas.2014-07-06 14.38.44Even where the lake shore is only 30 feet or so from the bike road, in the older section, you mostly get only glimpses of the water through the trees.2014-07-06 14.38.50

Here’s a sign I don’t think I’ve seen before.

2014-07-06 14.50.06Bikes don’t have to worry about the deep mud, or Nine Mile Creek. There’s a bridge.2014-07-06 14.50.10 copyGreen stuff under construction:2014-07-06 15.05.50At intervals on the new section are rest stops, with benches, shade (or rain shelter), and bike racks.2014-07-06 15.01.44And the road itself… gotta love riding on new asphalt!2014-07-06 14.55.05You are under no obligation to love every inch of the asphalt in the old section, though.2014-07-06 14.46.59Ow.



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