@Anagramatron classics

Anagramatron is a truly brilliant Twitter bot that searches the Twitter feed for tweets that are anagrams of one another, and then retweets them. Some are aesthetically better than others (say I), most are at least kind of interesting (say I), and some (say I) are simply magnificent.

Some of my favorites from recent days:

  • No need to pay for lemons = Spent money on real food
  • I think frogs are so cute = I fucking hate roosters
  • You were a bad investment = And everyone saw it… but me
  • Needs to hit up the Apple Store = The stupidest people on earth
  • Do you think you’re special? = You sound like a hypocrite
  • I’m so far behind everyone = Never heard of Boys II Men
  • Termite season, fuck = Insects freak me out

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