The Best of Interröbang Cartel: Chalice of Fire

My “Best of IBC” CD concludes with “Chalice of Fire”, from Wanger. The lyrics by Matt McIrvin long predate IBC — 1997, even before Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire — and were written to illustrate the kind of 1980s song “that was about absolutely nothing at all and made no sense, and nobody would even think that you were cerebral or quirky or David Byrne, provided that every individual word in the song was a sufficiently rad-i-kool word.” Casey gave it a perfectly flawless setting. It may not have been, as Matt hoped, the anthem of a generation, but it was perhaps the anthem of IBC.

It’s not about Unitarianism. Well, not consciously, anyway.

Chalice of Fire (mp3)


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