The Best of Interröbang Cartel: Rewind (Simonian Mix)

My memory’s a little hazy, but as I recall, sometime in the early 2000s, someone started posting some strange messages to Usenet; it seems, he said, he was a time traveler, stuck in the early 21st century unless he could get the parts to fix his time machine, and he really needed any surplus electronics people could spare. He was either a prankster or a genuinely delusional person… or, I suppose, a real time traveler. I hope not the second, because the responses he got were nothing a mentally troubled person should be subjected to.

But I like this song that was inspired by it all. Talysman wrote the lyrics, and he recorded the “Eltonian Mix”. jwgh and Kerri collaborated on the “Simonian Mix”, and later jwgh and Charlie put together the “ROKK!” version. All three were on Supermarket, and my favorite is here.

Rewind (Simonian Mix) (mp3)


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