Merry Christmas! No, IBC never did a Christmas album.

Here’s a non Christmas song. Some IBM songs are spare and simple, maybe a voice and a guitar, maybe came together in a few hours. And then some are elaborate productions, the products of weeks or months of work. This is decidedly one of the latter.

Chris Reuter used and defined the term “geek freak”. Casey thought it’d be a good IBC title. I agreed, and wrote some lyrics. Major Zed liked them so much he immediately wanted to do a complete rewrite. I collaborated with him on that, and then he did the recording. It was included on Supermarket.

This one’s unique in that the lead vocals are entirely synthesized. My voice and Zed’s are used, heavily processed, in the intro/outro and bridge.

On the wiki, this song has even more footnotes than “Kiss Me, Cruel Fortran”. It is the finest song I know that mentions Grassman bundle surgery.

She’s a Geek Freak (mp3)


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