The Best of Interröbang Cartel: Planting Geraniums

Wanger included a song called “Pigskin Loofah”, based on lyrics written by Stacia, who evidently hadn’t done so under the belief that anyone would actually make use of them:

I am still horrified [she later wrote] that people used their mighty musical talents on lyrics so spectacularly lame. They could have been doing something useful, like playing solitaire, or planting geraniums, instead.

That last sentence almost immediately inspired me to write some lyrics, which I posted, and to which Stacia responded with

|                 |
|        I        |
|      THINK      |
|       YOU       |
|      STINK      |

which, in Stacia-speak, may possibly be high praise. Anyway, Casey wrote some music and recorded the song for Supermarket. The irony is that I feel toward “Planting Geraniums” somewhat the same way as Stacia felt toward “Pigskin Loofah”. Surely Casey’s talent could have been better applied to something more worthwhile than my words? Then again, who am I to judge; I only wrote them. I’m happy to judge Casey’s work, though. He did a great job. Planting Geraniums (mp3)


2 thoughts on “The Best of Interröbang Cartel: Planting Geraniums

  1. Whadday talkin’ about? They’re great lyrics. And I was always proud of this one; I like the faux-modulation from the verse into the chorus, and the weird intro with the diminished stuff. And the circular “doing something useful” groove at the end. And even the higher harmony that fades in juuuust before the second chorus going “eiiiiiiiiiiand they could…” etc.


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