The Best of Interröbang Cartel: How to Be a Texas Ranger (original)

I don’t know that there’s much to say about “How to Be a Texas Ranger” other than “listen”. It was one of the Tribute Album songs, assigned to R.E.M., and I’ve never listened to enough R.E.M. to know if the style here even remotely resembles theirs, but who cares? Casey just did a great job with his arrangement and performance of Taly’s fine lyrics. I can almost imagine this as a commercially successful popular song; it’s just slightly skewed enough in its conception not to be an IBC oddball, but no more so than a lot of allegedly serious songs out there. Casey also did two other mixes, an “Acoustic” and a “Synthetic” version, but here’s the original.

How to Be a Texas Ranger (original version) (mp3)


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