The Best of Interröbang Cartel: Kiss Me, Cruel Fortran (II, original version)

Okay, back to the usual sort of thing. And with it, abandonment of any pretense of objectivity. Ha ha! I wasn’t even pretending. And I can be my own worst critic, so if I include a song I worked on, well, that means it must be spectacular. Right? Just say yes.

Xaonon, when he joined Interröbang Cartel, claimed to be the future author of a song called “Kiss Me, Cruel Fortran”, but in fact he never wrote such a song.

Eventually, Chris Reuter wrote some lyrics (Kiss Me, Cruel Fortran (I)), and I did too… different ones (II)… a little later, but unaware at the time of Chris’s.

I don’t think anyone ever recorded Chris’s lyrics, but swt wrote some music for mine. Not being a singing kind of guy, he recorded it as a chiptune instrumental. I’m not a singing kind of guy either, but that didn’t stop me.

I converted swt’s tracker file to a format I could use in my music software, intending to work up some sort of fancy arrangement, but then I played it with the default sound, which was piano, and I liked it; it was utterly different-sounding than what either swt or I’d had in mind, but I thought it worked really well. So I ended up doing the accompaniment as a synthesized piano piece… probably one that would require at least three hands to play on a real keyboard. Or two.

My ability to stay on pitch being what it isn’t, Major Zed was called upon to do post production work including some subtle autotuning, and the addition of some synthesized backing vocals. Later on he reworked the materials into a “Club Mix” version.

This was done after Supermarket, and wasn’t part of the Tribute Album project, so was designated for an album called Luxury Potato, which never came anywhere near completion.

This song is geeky enough to need footnotes explaining the jokes. You’ll find them on the wiki page linked below.

Kiss Me Cruel Fortran (II, original version) (mp3)


(cover art by Talysman)


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