The Best of Interröbang Cartel: Love of Stones

IBC’s third album had a sort of strange history. The first two were just compilations of pretty much all the songs produced up to that point, but the third one was planned.

Paddy Smith spotted this odd item from the BBC about “a list of the least popular search terms that only a handful of people, in some cases only one, have looked for” compiled by MSN. The twenty strange phrases sounded to him like Interröbang Cartel titles, and Casey B fleshed the story out as follows:

Nah, man, the way I figure it, this has fallen through a wormhole. Yes, in a vision unnervingly Wyld-Stalyn-like, we can see the future of Interrobang Cartel in the track-listing of this album – recorded in 2008 by several “old-timers” in tribute to the genius of the Cartel.

And to each title he attached the name of a performer: Chemical Brothers, They Might Be Giants, Johnny Cash, and so on.

Still further development of the concept led to the idea that, in fact, this was an Interröbang Cartel tribute album recorded by Interröbang Cartel. The full title: All Hail ?!: The Interröbang Cartel Tribute Album. It was  a hoax in which IBC pretended to be all the above performers.

Well, that set us up for a challenge. We needed to write and record twenty songs, in the styles of twenty different performers, and do it by the end of 2008! Given that we started in 2004, that might not seem like such a tough deadline, especially since Talysman astonishingly churned out great lyrics for nearly all of the songs (and recorded the rest as instrumentals) in less than a month — maybe even in twenty days if I recall correctly? But in fact the release of the recording of the nineteenth song didn’t occur until Christmas Day 2008. As for the last song standing, “Ham Sandwich Digestion”, we recorded a brief radio commercial for a processed meat product called Squeat and called it close enough. We released it on Boxing Day, five days before time ran out.

“Love of Stones”, according to Casey, was recorded by in the style of the Black Crowes, although maybe it would be more accurate to say in the style of the Black Crowes playing in the style of the Rolling Stones. He set Taly’s lyrics to music as a duet for male and female voices, played the instruments, and sang the male part in Australia, and Kerri recorded the female part in Rhode Island. Somehow they made that work just fine.

Love of Stones (mp3) [This file won’t play in Chrome for me. It plays in Firefox, or if I download it.]


(Cover art by Talysman)

[Edit: Cover art added.]


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