The Best of Interröbang Cartel: Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth (London Share House Mix)

One of the first IBC songs to be written was inspired by a dream of Gokmop the Irrefrangible (also known as John D. Salt):

I had an odder-than-usual dream last night.It involved a parlour-game, which I should think would need quite a large and well-furnished parlour for the game to work successfully.The game is called “Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth”. It needs numerous players of all sexes to play it, and somebody called Mrs. Farnsworth, who carries a plate of cakes and distributes them among the party.The object of the game is for pairs of players to secretly have sex with each other without being noticed, and then shout “pumpkin!” before Mrs. Farnsworth can offer them a cake.It all seemed much less impractical in my dream than it does now.

Casey B wrote some lyrics inspired by this, and then a couple months later, almost simultaneously and unbeknownst to each other, Casey and jwgh (Jake Haller) both wrote music and made recordings. Jake soon thereafter recorded a different version of his tune; these three recordings became known as the London Share House Mix, English Country Garden Mix, and Spaghetti West End Mix, respectively.

That was one of the great things about IBC: hearing different people’s different takes (or even the same person’s different takes) on the same idea.

All three appeared on the first IBC album, Needs More Wanger, as tracks 11, 5, and 15. At least on one version of the album. None of the IBC albums were ever manufactured; to get a copy you had to download the songs and burn your own CD, and there were two different official track orderings for Wanger

There’s a YouTube video of jwgh performing his version of “Pumpkin”; for this series I’ve chosen to highlight Casey’s version:

Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth (London Share House Mix) (mp3)


(Cover art by Kibo)

[Edit: Corrected spelling of “Gokmop”]


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