Building Test to Destruction (part 5)

It’s been a day and a half and no one’s given away my location to the local psychiatric hospital, so Operation Split Fin is a go! I cut three fore and three aft fins and sanded them to matching size. (Pleased to report I did a more consistent job of cutting them out in the first place this time.)IMG_1805

I put two pairs of fins aside and worked on the third. I rounded the leading edges.IMG_1806

Then I traced around a fore fin on a piece of 20 lb bond paper, drew in a generous area for the other side,IMG_1807and cut the paper out. I applied glue stick to the paper, then put the leading edge down,IMG_1808rolled the paper over that edge,IMG_1809and flattened from root to trailing edge.IMG_1810

Finally I burnished with a Sharpie barrel.IMG_1811

Then I did the same with the aft fin.IMG_1813

Fore and aft fin were sandwiched in wax paper and put under books with some wood to focus the weight.IMG_1814

Stay tuned.


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