Building Test to Destruction (part 2)

Lift the books next morning, take a few minutes to recover, and then check the fin; what do we find?IMG_1785Not warped, not wrinkled, paper’s sticking down. But it’s a bit stained from stuff on the workbench. Lesson learned: Work on a cleaner surface. I don’t expect this to be visible after priming and painting, though.

For the next step I moved to my remote facility:IMG_1786

I applied CA adhesive to all edges but the root,IMG_1791spread it with a cotton swab,IMG_1790and put the fin up to dry.IMG_1792

Evening: I sanded the CAed edges of the fin. I decided some of the paper was overhanging the fin by too much, so trimmed back with a hobby knife before sanding. For now I left the root edge alone.IMG_1793

Trouble! At one corner both layers of paper have come up.IMG_1794

I put a droplet of yellow wood glue between paper and balsa on both sidesIMG_1796squeezed the corner and wiped off the excess glueIMG_1797and sandwiched the fin in wax paper before applying the heavy weight again. This time I focused the weight on the fin by putting a wood block, a little larger than the fin, between the fin and the books. Don’t ask me why I didn’t think of that last night.IMG_1798

Now we wait some more.


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