30DoC: The outcome

It’s now July, so that’s all for 30 Days of Creativity. This year, like last year, I decided to focus on doing daily work on some bigger projects rather than trying to do thirty little ones.

And that’s what happened, mostly, although some of it turned out to be projects unthought-of before June, while some of the unfinished projects I thought I’d work on remain unworked-on. I built only one of the two rocket kits. I couldn’t talk myself into working on the PongSat or the Arduino synth. I made one try at casting on the double knit hat, didn’t like how it went, and frogged it. There also were a few one-day quickie projects when I didn’t have time or inclination or something to work on the bigger ones.

Here’s what I did do:

2013-06-11 10.24.53 Built an office supplies octahedron
onnastick Did the initial design for Uke Onna Stick
2013-06-18 20.41.23 Completed the Grizzly ukulele
2013-06-18 05.50.58 Built a charging station
2013-06-20 21.34.15 Added 58 rows to the Sky Scarf (I haven’t done the two rows for June 30 yet)
Uke Onna Stick really done (detail) Built the Uke Onna Stick prototype
Electrodoodle II screen Put together two little pieces of music, Electrodoodle [I] and Electrodoodle II (MP3)
2013-06-28 19.11.34 Built the Patriot model rocket
2013-06-29 20.00.13 Started on a diddley bow
2013-06-30 14.52.34 Started on a cigar box guitar

So I really will get back to the synth and the PongSat and the hat sooner or later (the PongSat’s gotta be done by October! Good time for the hat to be done too) and I now have the diddley bow and the CBG and the non-prototype Uke Onna Stick to do, as well as seeing if I can improve the intonation of the Grizzly Uke… wait, do I now have more unfinished projects than I did a month ago? Sigh.


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