Making progress

Father’s Day was mostly rainy so it was a good day to stay home and do stuff I enjoy… aside from the trip to Michael’s and the two to Home Depot, of course. Altogether a lot of project progress this past weekend. Between Friday and Sunday:

  • Uke Onna Stick: Initial design, more careful design, started building prototype
  • Patriot model rocket: Sanded and glued fins, glued launch lug, sanded nose cone
  • Grizzly uke: Cleaned up fingerboard, applied sound hole decal, glued on bridge
  • Charging station: Drilled holes in craft store box, stained, applied first coat of finish, shortened extension cord

And I helped Kenny get going on painting one of his model rockets and putting together another one.

stllnWN9-YCFk2HouKyDVpQonnastick2013-06-15 14.58.50 2013-06-16 12.06.05 2013-06-16 12.06.222013-06-16 17.33.05
2013-06-16 18.52.43 2013-06-16 19.41.42 2013-06-16 20.52.03

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