30DoC: The plans

It’s almost June, so almost time for 30 Days of Creativity. This year, like last year, I’m going to focus on doing daily work on some bigger projects rather than trying to do thirty little ones.

So far I’m thinking the following. Mostly these are things I’ve started but need to finish!

  • Build a ukulele. I have a kit (partially assembled components) I bought several years ago but have done little with. It’s time to do it.
  • Build rockets. I have two model rocket kits to start on. (That’s not counting my son’s.)
  • PongSat. I have a half-built circuit board I need to finish (and I think it’s not unlikely I’ll need to build a second one based on my experience with the first.)
  • Arduino synth. Another stalled project to get back to.
  • Sky scarf. I’ll be working on this (nearly) every day, but I’ve been doing that since January and will continue through December, so nothing new there…
  • Double knit hat. I made an attempt to start this but didn’t get much more than a row in before I decided to frog it and try again. Which I haven’t, yet.

I suspect that’s more than enough for the month, but finishing even two or three will put a good dent in what I’d like to accomplish.


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