Once more unto et cetera

Meanwhile, back at the dojo, things are heating up again. A few weeks ago Kenny moved into the adult class and we revamped our schedule accordingly. (Ah, the simpler life, both of us in class at the same time! Mostly.)

Well, that didn’t last long, because as of this week we’re in cycle prep time. The next black belt cycle begins April 20, and from now to then there are candidate extra help classes and running groups. So we’ve revised our schedule again to accommodate those.

Kenny will be in cycle again, hoping to graduate in August.

And I’m in pre-cycle, which means I take part in the cycle up to but not including the first pre-exam in June. Then in October I’m in cycle, aiming for my second degree black belt in February 2014.

The extra help classes were required during the last cycle, and it’s not clear if they’re required this cycle, but they’re “encouraged” during cycle prep, anyway. And I can use those, having missed a lot of curriculum during my PF-related absence. First one was last night. Also last night we went running (2 miles) with a few other dojo people. Over 20 minutes, not pushing it too hard for now. And I’m reminded again how much shorter 2 miles seems when running with a group.

And after the extra help class was the regular Core II class. Yep, getting busy.



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