One newer Doctor, and other things of the day

Truth in advertising: This is mostly just a compendium of some recent Google+ posts.

  1. We were running out of honey so Heather went and bought more.Honey haul(the last of the 2008 honey got used up a few days ago.)
  2. At the Karate Olympics, Kenny won an event:Olympics certificate
  3. We’re so holiday-spirited, we bought both our cars new tires for Christmas.
  4. I went for a 2 mile run Sunday, for the first time in about five hundred years. By yesterday my hips were saying “You did what?” but knees and feet seem to have taken it in str… well, I mean, they felt okay.
  5. I watched out. I did not cry. I did not pout. As for why, I prefer not to say.
  6. I was the fortunate recipient of a gift-wrapped, erm, unofficial link to the Doctor Who Xmas Special live stream. OK, I lied about the gift wrap.

    I think I’m going to like Clara.

    As soon as this comes up on Amazon Instant Video (I have a season pass [Edit: Actually I guess I don’t; this is a special, not a season episode. Never mind, I’ll buy it when it comes up.]) I think I’ll be watching again. Some things I especially enjoyed: (1) “No, no, I do the hand-grabbing, that’s always me!” (2) How Clara gets around saying “It’s bigger on the inside!” (3) What the maid screams at more than ancient intelligent lizard creatures or psychopathic alien potato dwarfs (4) “Grenades!”

    On the older Doctors front, I had to skip “Planet of the Daleks” for now but other than that have gotten through Seasons 7–10.


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