Phone status report

As discussed here and here, we recently decided to get new phones and a new phone company, namely Ting. It’s too early to be sure just what our typical monthly phone bill is going to turn out to be, but so far we’ve been in their “medium” bracket for talk, “small” for text, and “medium” or “large” for data. With three smartphones that makes the monthly bill either $43 or $54, plus about $8 in taxes and fees. By comparison, at Credo we were paying about $115 a month, total, for one smartphone and one feature phone. Looks like Sprint would be about $160 plus taxes and fees for three smartphones. The phones would be a lot cheaper at Sprint thanks to their subsidy, but at a monthly savings of about $110 we’ll start coming out ahead after about eight months.

I’m happy with Ting so far. Yes, it’s Sprint network, so 3G only in most places, but 3G is good enough for me for now. That plus the pay-for-what-you-use pricing structure means saving most of my heavy data usage (videos, etc.) for when I have wifi… which is most of the time, anyway.

As for the phones, my new S III running Jelly Bean is way, way, way better than my old Gingerbread Hero.



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