That’s over

Well, pretty good election day. Way better than I expected, really. I was worriedly optimistic Obama would win, but I figured we wouldn’t know until the wee hours at best… and maybe much longer, a la Florida 2000. (Then I had paranoid moments about shenanigans in Ohio, but not too much of that.) I wasn’t even up past my usual bedtime when the media called it… though I did sleep through Romney’s concession.

And Todd Aken: Down! Richard Mourdock: Down! Scott Brown: Down! (Brown’s not so bad, of course; but having that Senate seat occupied by the GOP is just wrong.) And votes for marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and, if the lead holds, Washington. Excellent.

Locally, our Tea Party congresswoman got sent packing by the Democratic former incumbent she defeated two years ago. We could use a Nate Silver locally: They kept telling us that race was ‘neck and neck’ and ‘too close to call’ in the days leading up to the election, and then he took it with a 4.7% margin; this despite 8% of the vote going to the Green Party candidate.

Too soon to say which party will control the state Senate. Right now it looks like a tie.

We still have a Republican House, and Michelle Bachmann got re-elected, so the news isn’t all good, but it’s better than I dared hope.



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