I voted

I think today was the first time I ever cast a write-in vote. For our state assembly the Republican was running unopposed, until a couple days ago a Democrat announced she was running as a write-in.

Other than that it was straight Working Families line, which on this year’s ballot meant exactly the same people as were on the Democratic Party line. I’m registered Democratic, so I can vote in the primaries, but I like to support Working Families with my vote in the general election.

I could have voted for a third party for President, of course, since Obama doesn’t need my vote; he couldn’t lose New York if he cooked and ate a dog on live TV. But I voted for him anyway.

It’ll be a close election and I worry about it. I do not trust Mitt Romney, not at all. But Nate Silver puts Obama’s odds at 90.9%, and I believe Nate Silver knows his stuff. A 1 in 10 chance for Romney is still too much for my happiness, but alongside my worrying I am optimistic.



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