Couple more things

(1) Edwin F. Smith, according to the 1865 New York State Census, was born in Madison county. But according to the US census, by 1810 there were nine Smith households in the town of Madison. So pinning down whether Edwin was related to Harriet would take some effort.

(B) One more clipping:

Just great. The paper told who Chauncey Holmes’s cousin was, and the name got obliterated by a crease or tear or something when it was microfilmed. How much you want to bet the original page doesn’t exist any more?

But there’s some information here. We know Chauncey did have a cousin in Poolville; a female cousin in fact. We don’t know who it was they were referring to, but Occam’s Razor says to assume it’s the same woman he visited a couple of other times, Rose Smith. Still don’t know if she was a cousin on his father’s side (Holmes) or mother’s (Smith), or both, but it’s something.

(iii) I’ve been posting a fair bit of genealogy stuff lately, so I’ve decided to spawn yet another blog, this for my genealogy stuff. This post and previous genealogy posts will be copied there, and future ones will be posted there. Look for Holmes Genealogy at


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