Oh there

Wait, didn’t I ever even look at the 1830 census entry for Jabez HOLMES?

I mean, I had it in my list of sources. I think I transcribed it from microfilm back in the days before online census images. You’d think I would have noticed…

See, one mystery about Nathan and Grace HOLMES is, where the heck were they after 1810 until 1850? Well, I know where Grace was from 1840: six feet under at Poolville Rural Cemetery. But from 1810, when there was an “N. Holmes” in the census in Hamilton, Madison County, New York who I assume was Nathan, until 1840 for Grace and 1850 for Nathan, they seem to have just vanished. With some of their kids.

Okay, there’s a Nathan HOLMES in 1820 in Paris, Oneida County, not too far from Hamilton, in the right age bracket with a wife in the right age bracket. But no kids. I tend to believe that was a different Nathan, though I can’t prove anything.

But, like I said, didn’t I ever look at their son Jabez’s entry in the 1830 census? Because there were a man and a woman in the 60-69 age bracket, and two men in the 20-29 bracket, in addition to Jabez and presumably his wife and kids. Maybe those could be someone else, but I’m thinking they’re probably Nathan, Grace, and two of the three younger sons. My money would be on Hiram and Nathan Jr., with Henry off apprenticing with a glassblower.

Still don’t know where they were in 1820 or where Nathan was in 1840, though. My guess? Nathan and Grace had at least one daughter old enough to be married by 1820, and they were in her husband’s household. I have no idea who that daughter was, though.

Also, I’ve been puzzled by Jabez’s being in Hamilton in 1830, Georgetown in 1840, Madison in 1850, and back in Hamilton in 1855. Recently I noticed a bunch of people on the same page of the 1840 Georgetown census as Jabez also turned up in Madison in 1850 — and judging from the 1853 map of the county, they were in Madison then. On closer examination it turns out the census pages for 1840 don’t say “Georgetown” on them, just the enumerator’s name. They were indexed as Georgetown at some point (When the microfilms were made? When the census was first compiled?), but obviously that’s wrong and they’re Madison. So he didn’t move around quite that much.



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