Uke four, and other things

We played Gannon’s — the Seneca Turnpike location — on Wednesday.

It was our biggest and most enthused audience so far. Also maybe our biggest performing group? I know we had a couple of newcomers joining us… including, to my surprise, my friend Ruth, a morris dancer. I didn’t even know she played ukulele.

Ice cream review: Gannon’s has been for decades my favorite ice cream stand. It’s our first venue this summer that does homemade ice cream, in a ton of flavors. Calorie limitation be damned, I was at Gannon’s for only about the third time this summer; I went for a scoop of Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and a scoop of Black Cherry in a waffle cone. No regrets! (And I was down a pound the next morning.) The drawback relating to the big variety of flavors is that a lot of the names are not self explanatory; you might guess, for instance, that Seattle Sludge has to do with coffee, but exactly what is it? You can ask at the counter, of course, but that just slows down the lines, which tend to be long enough as it is.

Anyway, this is The Place. Except it’s very popular, and the lines tend to be much shorter at Arctic Island a couple blocks east, which I like nearly as well. The ukes aren’t going there this summer, though.

Other things: The foot is maybe a little better than it was a week ago.

Kenny and I did the Cavendish experiment, only with a magnet and a couple of prunes. Okay, not really, in that we didn’t measure anything quantitatively, but we did hang a drinking straw with a prune on each end from a string, waited for it to stop moving, and then approached one of the prunes with a strong magnet. (Like this, but they used grapes.) Repulsion!

There was no tornado last night.



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