Uke three, oh and morris two, and foot one

Tonight the ukes took Heid’s in Liverpool. We not only had an audience, some of them brought chairs! Meaning they were there to see us, not just to get ice cream. We had a new player and I understand there were three or four who expressed interest in joining us. Where are all these joining types when the morris teams dance out?

Ice cream review: Turkey Hill.

Speaking of morris, the Binghamton Men and the B.F. Harridans danced in Vestal and Binghamton last Saturday. The (self diagnosed, but I’m reasonably sure of it) plantar fasciitis I started noticing a couple weeks ago has of course worsened since, and while I was able to do some dances early on, Ducklington “The Fox” was probably a mistake; I rested a while, did one more Bampton dance, and then took the rest of the tour off. Now that the Wild Blue and Binghamton danceouts are past us, I’m giving the foot as much rest as I can. I’m taking a dojo break, and won’t do any dancing for a while either. Doing foot exercises and stretches. It seemed a bit better today, though I know better than to expect it’ll take any less than several weeks to resolve. (If I hadn’t already decided not to go on the ATM, this would have clinched it.)



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