Uke two, oh and morris

Second Ukulele and Ice Cream Therapy session last night at Friendly’s® in Fayetteville. Pretty good. Felt slightly less right than the first one for no definable reason, but still good. If anything my own playing may have been a bit better.

There were a couple of newcomers who I guess heard about us through the news coverage of the first singout. Good crowd watching us, and the fire department next door was kind enough not to send their truck out with siren blazing until the end of one of our songs.

Next up, Heid’s in Liverpool.

Ice cream review: Um, Friendly’s®?

And that was the second performance of the week for me; the first was on Tuesday when Wild Blue Morris and Thornden Morris danced out at Schiller Park. We had six dancers and a musician, or in other words, all of us! Not many people watching but a few did. Retired to Riley’s afterward.

Both Wild Blue and Uke and Ice Cream were started up as seasonally active groups (Wild Blue practicing Feb.-Apr. and dancing out in May and June; Uke and Ice Cream practicing May-June and singing out July-Aug.). Wild Blue obviously has stretched that season this year, and both groups are talking about continuing activity. OK with me, if I can find the time.


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