Happy July; 30 Days of Creativity is over. I said,

The plan is to focus on just two bigger projects this month, all month. One will be a fairly ambitious piece of music — a composition for (synthesized) Bohlen-Pierce clarinet choir. In fact I rather doubt I’ll finish it this month, if it ends up being as big as I’m thinking. The other will be a big unit origami model… I’ll probably do some other, smaller projects too. Maybe finish up some unfinished music pieces from this past year. Probably work on a siege engine or two with my son. I’d like to make a storage/display stand for my recorders, pennywhistles, etc. Who knows what else?

Things went roughly as planned. I finished drafts of two parts of the clarinet choir piece. Whether I’ll get around to doing anything more with it is another question. Maybe. Maybe I’ll also get around to writing up the surprisingly effective software setup I used to do it… especially if I first get around to fixing up the notational problem.

The origami piece ended up being not as interesting as I’d envisioned but not bad:

I’d been thinking about making some overhead storage in the garage, and I did:

And I’d also been thinking about making a simple router table, and I did:

And I used it in making the pennywhistle and recorder stand:

That’s it for the month; not many projects, and not all completed. No work on finishing up old music, and almost no work on siege engines. But I’m pretty happy with how things turned out.


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