Ike scream uke scream

First Ukulele and Ice Cream Therapy session tonight at Sno-Top in Manlius. It went pretty well. It was pretty windy but we set up in the lee of the building and I didn’t bother with music, just mostly worked from memory and occasional peeks at someone else’s.

There were lots of people there who seemed to enjoy what we were doing. To some extent we were probably benefiting from the coattails of four young newsmakers living just down the road:

Oh, and hey, when I went to look up the URL for the above link I found us there too! You can just manage to see my orange cap behind the other people on the left.

Ice cream review: Apparently they have only soft-serve here. I had a small chocolate cone, which was entirely unmemorable. And small, which might be a good thing if you’re trying to be good. The next size up only costs about 40 cents more so might be the better buy.


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