On the road again

Today’s dojo class was earlier than usual and billed as “Boot Camp” which has meant, well, varying things in the past. Today what it meant was, surprise, a 3 mile run, uphill to a school where we worked out on the playground equipment, then more uphill running, then down Thompson Road to Erie Boulevard and back to the dojo where we went in for another 20 minutes or so of exercise.

And here’s me not having run at all in over a month and very little for the couple of months before that, due to ongoing complaints from my knee after running (and hardly ever otherwise). So I’m out of shape for running, not that I was ever particularly good at hills anyway.

Well, I lived, no knee problems yet. I’ll have some Vitamin I before bed and see how it goes tomorrow.

After dojo and lunch I went looking at bicycles. I’d like to start riding again, especially if running continues to be a problem.



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