No more cursors, no more ebooks

MITx 6.002x is over. The final was a good deal harder than the midterm, I thought, and I took more than double the 3 hours they said it should take. At that, I didn’t even submit an answer to the final question, which was prefaced with “Although this problem can be solved using material from this class, it is intended to stretch you beyond the material that we explicitly taught in this class. Do not work on it until you have finished with the other problems.” I stared at it a while and who knows, maybe if I’d taken another hour, perhaps even another 15 minutes, I’d’ve figured out the approach and done it. But I had my A by that point, and I needed to get on the road for the weekend, so I left it blank.

The course was a good experience. A lot of it, especially the first half, was stuff I’ve seen before though a bit rusty. I found it not very difficult, mostly, yet still a decent challenge. The lecturer, I thought, repeated himself more than I would have liked, though maybe that level of repetition helps some students. I found myself listening to most of the lectures at 1.5 speed.

A lot of the course features I didn’t use, or used only minimally. I didn’t watch most of the tutorials; the lectures took up enough of my time, and I was able to do the homework and labs without them. I hardly looked at the wiki at all — in fact largely forgot about it, and probably should have made more use of it. I did go into the discussion forums when I needed some hints on the homework, but pretty much only then, and I posted there only a couple of times.

So will I take another MITx course? Depends on what it is, of course, and on what else I have going on. I’d consider it.


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