Here’s the plan

It’s June. (Why am I up?) That means it’s 30 Days of Creativity time.

Looks like a lot of people take a fairly strict “one day, one creation” approach to 30DoC. I’ve never been anal about doing that, though. Past couple years I’ve worked on a single project over several days, or for that matter completed several projects in one day. But most of the projects were 1-day (or really 1-hour, or sometimes 10-minute) ones.

This year I’m changing it up and getting far, far away from “one day, one creation”. The plan is to focus on just two bigger projects this month, all month.

One will be a fairly ambitious piece of music — a composition for (synthesized) Bohlen-Pierce clarinet choir. In fact I rather doubt I’ll finish it this month, if it ends up being as big as I’m thinking.

The other will be a big unit origami model. I’ve wanted to do one for a long time, but I don’t have the patience to sit down and fold unit after unit after unit. But if I make a few a day for the next three weeks, that should give me a pretty big pile of units with a week to make something out of them.

I’ll probably do some other, smaller projects too. Maybe finish up some unfinished music pieces from this past year. Probably work on a siege engine or two with my son. I’d like to make a storage/display stand for my recorders, pennywhistles, etc. Who knows what else?

Here goes!


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