Working the goals list

Does putting together a cheap prefab Adirondack chair count as “creating cool things”? Probably not. I’m going to claim it for “home improvement” though.

Does taking the fence down in the back yard count as “home improvement”? I’m going to claim it does, but am prepared to face objections on the grounds that keeping it from falling down would have been a harder job.

Replacing the very weird outlet on the patio with a modern outdoor outlet would have counted, and I would have done it if the cable had been grounded. Instead I just opened up the box, said, “Huh. 110V, no ground,” and closed it up again.

Building a catapult with Kenny counts as “creating cool things”.

Under the heading of “exploring new places with Kenny” I assert that Venus, Mars, Saturn, Castor, M3, M31, M97, and M81 count as eight of them. New for both of us. I don’t think I’ve ever looked through a scope that large (12 inches, I think); I know I’ve never seen Saturn’s rings clearly, nor gotten a glimpse of Mars’s polar ice cap before, and those last four represent a quintupling, I think, of my Messier sightings.

Gearing up for June’s music project is borderline, but I’m calling it “making music” even though most of what I’m doing is really just laying the groundwork and getting tools in order.


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