A dreadful name, but good

I still really dislike the name “Impact Martial Arts”, and pairing the overused word “Impact” with the overused word “Ultimate” to make “Ultimate Impact Weekend” doesn’t make me happy either.

But Ultimate Impact Weekend itself was fun. Thursday night was a lot like both pre-exams: separate juniors and adults sessions at the Cicero dojo devoted to holds and grabs, sparring, and conditioning. It was tiring though I thought it was a little less so than the second pre-exam. Of course it helped that the stress was more or less off: Anyone who got to UIW would have to screw up pretty badly, or drop dead, to not get their belt.

Friday night was at Phoenix Middle School and was more performance than anything. The teams did their performance routines, alternating with line drills; then we watched a presentation on mental preparation, then we broke boards. First degree candidates broke one board, with a hand strike; second degree, two, with hand and foot strikes; third and higher, three or more: hand, foot, and body breaks — the latter in many cases being a head break. Ow. I had no trouble with my single break. Then a gazillion black belts and black belt candidates got their picture taken:

and we were done.

Saturday was the show at the Civic Center, and we spent about five hours there, but the quick summary is: we rehearsed, we performed, we got our belts. Team DeWitt’s candidates’ performance went reasonably well, I guess. I think I skipped a couple moves but other than that I think I did my part okay. There were some performances that were great to watch, including Sensei Bidwell with the DeWitt black belt demo team, and some board breaking that included Shihan Sgarlatta breaking 105 boards (21 stacks of 5) in about 12 seconds.

Afterward Heather, Kenny, and I celebrated with dinner at Azteca Mexican Grill. (And Kenny wrote a report on that for his Spanish class.)

How’s it feel? Great… of course. Culmination of a lot of work. Yet nothing final about it; there’s always more to learn and more to improve. Being done with cycle is a very good thing, though… it’ll be good to see my family more and have more time for things I’ve neglected these past four months.



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