A vanishing

My smart phone and I have a deal. I plug it in to charge on my bedside table at night, it wakes me up in the mornings. Except Sundays.

It woke me up this morning. I checked to make sure there wasn’t a second alarm set to go off later, then got up. In no particular order I woke my son, checked email and RSS, rousted my son out of bed, made breakfast and lunch for us both, got dressed, brought my morris bag downstairs, transferred its contents to a similar but not falling apart bag (I forget what organization it is that’s given me two of these bags in recent years), threw away the old bag, emptied the wastebaskets, took the trash can to the curb, took the trash can back to the garage because I was too late, the trash had been picked up already, took the recycling bins to the curb (not too late for those), started a load of laundry, brushed my teeth, put on my jacket, and started to head for the car. At that point I discovered my phone was missing.


It wasn’t on the bedside table. I didn’t remember unplugging it and bringing it downstairs, but that didn’t mean I didn’t. It wasn’t on the table in the living room where I often set it, nor on the passthrough, nor on the desk. I picked up the cordless phone (yes, we still have a “landline” phone, though it’s connected to a Linksys box for use with a VOIP setup) and dialed the cell phone number. It rang over the phone but I couldn’t hear it in the house. I tried again upstairs, downstairs, out in the garage. At one point I tried it out at the curb while listening carefully to the recycling (and I looked through the recycling to be sure it wasn’t there). I paused the washing machine and listened for it in the laundry room. Nothing.

I thought perhaps it had somehow fallen into my wife’s things, or my son’s (both had left for their respective schools earlier), but no, neither of them heard it ringing.

I tried activating Prey but apparently in one of my operating system upgrades it had gotten un-initialized and wasn’t working. Likewise Google Latitude wasn’t running.

I didn’t have much time when I got home; I had to pick up my son at school, get him home, point him at dinner, and head out to go to morris practice (hence the bag). But I did have a couple minutes to spare, so I tried one more time with calling from the other phone. I went out to the garage to listen, as I had before, but this time I put my ear up close to the trash can.

Ring ring.

For some reason it was inside the old morris bag. I don’t know, maybe I stuck it in the morris bag to bring it downstairs and then forgot it was there when moving stuff to the new morris bag. Or not.

Anyway, there it was. Had trash pickup happened about half an hour later than it did, I never would have seen it again.

Off I went to morris practice. A few minutes from home I realized I didn’t appear to have the food I’d packed for dinner. I called Kenny and he confirmed I’d left it behind. So I bought dinner at McDonald’s. Got to morris practice, looked in the bag, and there was the food I’d allegedly not brought along.

So how was your day?



3 thoughts on “A vanishing

  1. This is most of my days, only mine involve shoes that don’t match, phones under the couch for days at a time, and lost in translation moments when everyone is speaking the same vernacular (and thus, should not be lost in translation days. Apparently, it’s only me that’s lost). :)


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