Bricks on the other side

Sheesh. It took me forever to figure out what you can do with the advanced search form on Even longer to figure out what I should do with it. For one thing, I used it to help find Hans HANSEN’s baptism and his parents’ marriage, so the inferences I’d made earlier were confirmed.

Then I turned my attention to Hans’s wife, Johanna JENSEN. It finally occurred to me that rather than trying to do any kind of fancy detective work I could just put in a search for: first name Johanna, last name Jensen, event birth, event place Denmark, year 1860-1864, father’s first name Lars, father’s last name Jensen, press enter. Maybe I didn’t do that earlier because I figured there’d be too many hits. Well, there were 26,891 but nearly all were junk and the close hits were near the top. Sixth from the top was:

Correct birthdate, correct name (Johanna in the US but Johanne is good, and I knew the middle initial was M), correct father’s name. Faaborg is near Varde, which got turned into “Varge” on the marriage record. Mother’s first name I had as “Carrie”, a diminutive for Karen. And the mother’s surname…

Well, it was really hard to read on the marriage record, but no way did it say Jorgensen. There were fewer letters and no descenders.

Anyway, this is her, I’m sure of it. Eight siblings had baptismal records too. Still have no idea how she ended up in Sharon Station, though.



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