Amazing what you can find once you know where to look. Mr. and Mrs. John Hansen got mentioned pretty frequently in the Brainard column of the Chatham Courier, especially since the correspondant who wrote the column for a number of years was, um, Mrs. John Hansen. A lot of it is along the lines of

but some is more interesting than that, and the jackpot is

Einar gets his names spelled several different ways. Anyway, John, Einar, Christian, and one unnamed sister of Einar as well as one August HANSEN who lived in Denmark were nephews and a niece of Hans. Looking in the census we can learn more about them, including that Christian’s father (Hans’s brother, presumably) was living with him in 1930; his name appears to be Esamus J. HANSEN, but the handwriting is less than clear. And we get Christian’s approximate birthdate, and the fact that he was a milk distributer, which is enough to convince me he’s the man to whom this WWII draft registration card belonged:

even though the “Anders” bit appears nowhere in the census records or the Chatham Courier. There’s a draft registration card for John, too, but it only says “Denmark” under “Place of Birth”. Christian’s says “Stige — Odense”. Which is great. Hans HANSEN was born in Odense, it says on his marriage record. Not only does this confirm the family came from Odense (despite late 20th century claims that they were from Copenhagen) but it narrows it down to a particular part of Odense: Stige.

All this from a few hours on the Internet. I’m sure there’s a whole lot more in paper records in Norwalk and Columbia County, but this is a good start.



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