High red, bye red

So it’s official, as of last night, my belt is red with a black stripe down the center — “high red”. In the system Lavallee’s uses, that’s the ninth belt color, and the tenth is black.

Given how long I was at brown belt, I wasn’t planning on getting through red this soon, though I did have it as a goal to get high red this year and to try to do it by October. Eight months is the minimum and eight months is what it in fact took.

The reason I’d hoped to graduate by October is because that’s when the next black belt cycle begins. For about four months I go to candidate classes and running Saturday mornings, there are exams along the way, and then if all goes well, black belt graduation in February next year.

If all doesn’t go well, the next cycle starts in April… and it’ll conflict big time with next year’s morris season. Which is why I particularly hoped to get into the winter cycle.


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