I am, at this particular instant, not picking stuff up and moving it

OK. We’re there. We’ve moved. Pretty much.

We filled the PODS by Wednesday last week. I even packed the air pumps we use with the air mattress we were going to sleep on Wednesday night. Um. It was okay, I was able to retrieve the sofa cushions and those worked all right.

Walk through was Wednesday. Closing Thursday. PODS moved Thursday and they didn’t fit side by side so were placed end to end in the driveway leaving barely enough room for both cars, but no problem. We started unpacking that night and were done (with help from Karin, Keith, and Ed) by Saturday afternoon. A large fraction of the things got shoved into the back room and the garage, but at least they were unloaded.

We have significantly less usable living space than we’re used to. On the other hand we have lots more storage space than we’re used to. We’ll figure it out.

Our Realtor gave us a gift certificate for Eva’s and we used it Saturday, which also was Kenny’s 12th birthday. It was the second time I’d been there and this time I deliberately held back on filling up with pierogies (meat filled ones, with red cabbage) in order to be able to have dessert: we were seated right across from the dessert case, close enough to count the desserts (17) and read the tags, and there was no way I was leaving without having one… the marble cheesecake. Heather had the chocolate orange ganache cake, which was wonderful. As for Kenny, who had four blueberry pierogies, one meat pierogi, and one Polish hamburger (huge) with salad, he also finished off a slice of orange coconut cheesecake. (It came with a candle and a song in Polish.)

Sunday, early, Heather went and dug up some plants — currants, elderberries, mint, herbs — and put them in the ground at the new house. In the afternoon we took a rented truck to the old house and loaded up most of what didn’t make it onto the PODS including the appliances… except the refrigerator and the dishwasher. The house came with fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer, and stove, so it’s not like we really needed any of the appliances other than the chest freezer. But our stove is a year old and is gas, and the washer and dryer may be about eight years old but are still in good shape and work fine, and the fridge is only four years old and isn’t black, and the dishwasher is also four years old and not black.

But we left the dishwasher anyway, because the one that’s already installed may be twelve years old but is working, and ours frankly may have had something nesting in the insulation; and we left the refrigerator because our courage failed us. It was just Heather and me and a hand truck, and I did not feel at all good about trying to get it out of the house, up the ramp into the truck, and then back down and into our garage. The washer and chest freezer were bad enough. We can always paint the black fridge. Or wallpaper it.

That was Sunday. Yesterday I went to Cortland to help our friends Tom and Karin with their move. (We owed them.)

This morning we went back to the old house to clean up, and got a few last overlooked things. I left my key. We’re done, pretty much, aside from a few things in the shed I’d like to retrieve sometime.

Things are slowly getting organized at the new house — still mostly chaos. I’ve installed a door stop.

The pool is in the process of being opened. Heather had made an appointment with a local company to do it, and then at closing we discovered the seller’s lawyer’s… brother? I think? I was busy signing things… is in the business and could do it sooner, so he (or actually, I think it’s another guy who works with the seller’s lawyer’s… brother?) has been over several times and it should be ready by this weekend. Given the 90-ish temperatures we’ve been doing all this moving in, that’s none too soon for me.

And what with everything else, we only got to the dojo once last week, but last night we went again and Kenny got one minor belt tip and I got three. Looks like I’ll probably get my high red belt in August and start black belt cycle in October.



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