30 Days, days 8–14

Second week of 30 Days of Creativity:

  • Day 8: “Passacaglia”,  duet for trumpet and bass clarinet. Not quite finished:
  • Day 9: “Passacaglia”, completed:
  • Day 10: Toastgrams:
  • Day 11: Doodle:
  • Day 12: Sketch done in the dark, one handed:
  • Day 13: Tired:
  • Day 14: Paracord balls — single, doubled, and tripled:

2 thoughts on “30 Days, days 8–14

    1. I was going to do an audio realization, but at the moment I don’t seem to have a good way to do solo winds. MuseScore will output a MIDI file that serves as a first approximation but I’d rather run it through GarageBand. But GB doesn’t come with the needed instruments, and while I used to have a way to use Soundfonts in GB using the Crystal plugin, lately it hasn’t been working. However I think if I upgrade Crystal I can get it working again… or if I use an older version of GB. I’ll look into it. Of course I could just change the instrumentation, do it as a piano piece for instance… but I’d rather do it with trumpet and bass clarinet. I have several other such duets I’d like to do, too.


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