We got in the car really early like about 5:15 am on Saturday and it was raining and we headed east and it continued raining for the next four hours or so finally letting up somewhere around Great Barrington, MA so it was not raining when we reached Norfolk, CT (this was Kenny’s first time in Connecticut) where we met up with the Binghamton Morris Men who were touring with Bouwerie and Pinewoods on the Sudz so I danced and Kenny watched and then we went on to Mill River, MA and New Marlborough, MA and Canaan, CT (this was Kenny’s second time in Connecticut) where mostly I danced and he sat in the car and played with his DS except for lunch and it didn’t rain except for a sprinkle or two and then we went to tea near Falls Village, CT where it actually did start raining pretty hard so we motored into the village rather than processing by which time the rain had mostly stopped so we did do our two show dances per team and then Kenny and I got in the car and drove to Pittsfield (MA) State Forest where we set up the tent in the wrong place in the dark but not in the rain and spent the night during which it did rain and then we got up early Sunday though not quite as early and got in the car again and drove to Cranberry Lake, NY where we caught the boat to take us to the Cranberry Lake Biological Station to spend the afternoon with Heather and hardly any rain and then we took the boat back to where the car was and got in the car and drove the wrong way because I am stupid and didn’t realize it until we’d gone about half an hour east instead of west so between that and a couple more minor messups it was past 12:30 am by the time we got home and Kenny had been asleep for most of that time but I got him into bed and me too and the car had about 766 new miles on it but from Saturday evening through Sunday we were getting about 53 mpg which is the best I’ve seen averaged over a full tank for quite a while anyway it was a very busy and tiring weekend with way more driving than I enjoy doing but it was good on the whole.


One thought on “Thereandbackagain

  1. Thank you, Jack Karouack…
    It was good to see you and the boy that day. It’s good to be home today. It will be good to get home again in two weeks. I could summarize the past three weeks at CLBS as: Itch, slog, itch, sog, itch, sweat, puffpant, itch, irritating cabinmateX2, itch, homeforoneday, itch, dread the return to fresh hells.
    At least I’ve got a bottle of scotch to amuse me while I’m gone this time. (If they’re good I may share with the faculty.. the undergrads would not appreciate it and would swill the bottle in one pass ’round the fire.)

    Glad you got home safely and with relatively little surprise along the way.


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