30 Days, days 1–7

I’m doing 30 Days of Creativity again. For the first week:

  • Day 1: “Halting Problem”,  a generative study on two notes, made using (a demo version of) Nodal driving GarageBand. MP3: Halting Problem
  • Day 2: Paper cube structure. Three cubes linked together, made from strips of paper… no cutting (beyond cutting the strips), glue, or tape. I used some unneeded printouts from my job. 
  • Day 3: Photo: “Posting Comments”.
  • Day 4: Some music. Quick and dirty. MP3: Day 4
  • Day 5: Sonobe “stellated octahedron”. From “Modular Origami Polyhedra” by Simon, Arnstein, and Gurkewitz. Technically not a stellation of the octahedron, which would be a stella octangula: an octahedron with a regular tetrahedron added to each face. Nor is it a triakis octahedron, which has an obtuse triangular pyramid on each face. I’m not sure what a correct name for it is.
  • Day 6: Pentagonal knots in a strip of paper.
  • Day 7: “Oh Sinner Man”, duet for trumpet and bass clarinet.

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