Cheap date

Heather left for Cranberry Lake on Sunday. She returns early July. Just Kenny and me at home until then.

Kenny and I headed down to Ithaca today. We went to the Cayuga Nature Center where they have some live animals, some dead animals (taxidermed), a butterfly house, and a 6-story treehouse. I also found a couple of geocaches there, one of which had a small amphibian — juvenile spotted salamander maybe? — sitting on top of it when I picked it up. Then we headed over to the Museum of the Earth. I’d forgotten Kenny had been there once on a school field trip. So he showed me around. Lots of interesting stuff, like fossils of, well, practically everything, and dinosaur footprints, and an entire mastodon skeleton. Then home again. I was good, we packed lunch and got home in time for dinner so all we bought was snacks, and admissions — the Nature Center was $4 for the both of us (!), $11 for the museum.


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