Yet again yet again

You remember this house? Well, don’t.

Not to go into all the gory details but we wanted some documentation of the apartment’s legal status… and now, a week before we were supposed to close, they say they can’t document it. Without that, it’d be a risk with major consequences if a problem were to arise. So we’re walking away and going back to square one. And in two weeks Heather leaves town for five weeks. Of course nearly all the other houses we saw in March and liked fairly well are now off the market.

In the too-many times I’ve bought or sold a house, or tried to, it’s gone smoothly a couple times. Otherwise not so much. In 2000 alone we made offers on four houses — one offer we withdrew the next day, after deciding we’d been too hasty in choosing it; one we rejected after the home inspection revealed problems that would cost something like $20,000 to fix; and one we walked away from a couple weeks after we were supposed to close because the sellers couldn’t produce acceptable well water tests. (And then we had to sue them to get part of our deposit back.) The fourth house we bought, and that went easily.

The purchase in 2003 went well too, except for some comic opera at closing when it turned out their airheaded lawyer didn’t even know the first thing about the financing specified in the contract she’d approved. The sale of that house in 2007 took forever because the buyers’ useless lawyer held things up for six weeks beyond the intended closing date, against the wishes of everyone including the buyers, until a high executive in the buyers’ realty company told him in no uncertain terms to shape up — by which time we were on the verge of putting the house back on the market.

And now this. Obviously I can’t say I’m surprised. I know better than to assume closing will happen until it does.

Still, we were that close, and I was daring to hope it’d go as planned. Oh well.


One thought on “Yet again yet again

  1. Like I told Barbara: “one of these time’s it’s going to be a slam-dunk, this is apparently not it.”
    I make the sad face :(
    Now I make it for you :(


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