Ash of the loam was a lady at home until some bastard with a saw came along

In the spare room are 20 sticks.

I cut some suitable ash trees in late April and then took a while to saw them up and strip bark, but I’m done. I’m sure all 20 will not be suitable for morris use. Two are decidedly questionable at best and a few others may be deemed unsuitable too. But I’m letting all of them dry out at least.

I’ve never made more than a couple of morris sticks before. But I’ve heard all kinds of dogma over the years about how to go about it, much of it blatantly contradictory. Since I’m doing a fair size batch I figured I’d be a little scientific about it; I’ve divided the sticks into four groups and am trying different methods with each. And I’m taking data: I’ve weighed each stick and will do so again at intervals over the drying period. Five sticks in each group isn’t much of a statistical sample and I’m guessing any effects of the different approaches will be small (else why wouldn’t everyone agree on them) but perhaps I can draw some conclusions.

The guy who made the Binghamton Men’s last set of sticks used an alphabet punch set to emboss a name on each. Not having the tools for it I probably won’t do that but I’m considering names to mark on them some other way.

They should be ready by next Gilbertsville, or so I hope.

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